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Hi everyone, 

I am currently struggling to get my unoprologic to program.


Background info:

I have worked my way through the process of getting quartus to work. This required me to not follow the manual as that was written for EPT_570_AP_U2_Top and my files on the cd were EPT_5M57_AP_U2_Top. as such i had to change the project name in order for it to work.

I tried changing the files names to all be 570 from 5M57 but that didn't seem to work.



Now that i have got it to work i reach the programmer stage. I have now Attempted to program it and received a failure point. I can select the JTAG EPT-Blaster v1.3b in the hardware setup window of the programmer. 

After selecting this the guide tells me to change the file. When i change the file it gives me the warning shown in the screen shot.

This warning says the file is trying to program with a 570T100 which is incompatible with the 5M57, what am i missing that is causing this error.

I have just thought that perhaps i must select a 5M57 FPGA for the project so will attempt that and return to this post with more information.



I also encountered a Quartus issue where storing the project in the qdesigns file was causing it to crash out immediately upon project creation. I had to move the file to a whole new drive than quartus in order for it to work.

Topic starter Posted : 04/12/2023 3:23 pm
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Hello, my apologies for all the issues you are having with the UnoProLogic. I will try and help you get this board up and running. The UnoProLogic has been in production for eleven years now. During that time, we have made significant changes to the board and software. These changes have made the currently available software incompatible with previous hardware. 

The file designation with the "570" in it means it was compatible with a very old version of the hardware which used the EPM570 chip noted as the "MAX II". The file designation with the "5M57" means it is compatible with the latest chip from Intel which is 5M570 chip noted as the "MAX V". 

So, could you please look at the board and let me know the chip has the "MAX II" or MAX V" designation laser etched on it? Once I know what chip you have I can better help you get the correct software/driver.


Thanks, Richard


Posted : 23/12/2023 10:08 pm
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wd 50 aja sukur klen 

Posted : 26/12/2023 11:31 am
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