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Programming via JTAG with USB only

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I want to check, is it possible to program the DueProLogic EPT-4CE6-AF in JTAG mode using just a USB?

I've programmed it before successfully using Active Serial Programming + adding a .pof file, but when using JTAG mode I get "Cant access JTAG chain". I believe I have installed the drivers mentioned in the other post in the forum. Maybe it would work if I got an actual JTAG blaster and used the JTAG connections, but is it possible with just a USB? 

An alternate question, when programming in Active Serial mode, it takes about a minute and loads onto the flash of the board. Is there a way to do something like JTAG programming which if faster for temporary test projects without overriding the flash of the board?

Topic starter Posted : 10/06/2022 2:43 pm
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See the attached picture for the programming window.

Topic starter Posted : 10/06/2022 2:54 pm
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The DueProLogic EPT-4CE6-AF can be programmed in JTAG mode using just a USB, but it requires an appropriate JTAG adapter that is compatible with the board. The USB interface alone cannot be used for JTAG programming.

Regarding your second question, JTAG programming is usually faster than Active Serial Programming and it does not overwrite the flash of the board. JTAG programming is a good option for temporary test projects, as long as you have the right JTAG adapter and software to program the board.

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I suggest using the JTAG boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1) to control and monitor the internal signals of the FPGA if you're looking for a quicker method for temporary test projects without overriding the flash memory, but this may require additional knowledge and equipment unique to boundary scan testing.

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Posted : 20/06/2023 9:42 am
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A JTAG programmer or JTAG blaster device is normally required to program the DueProLogic EPT-4CE6-AF in JTAG mode.

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Posted : 29/06/2023 10:01 am
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Programming via JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) using USB-only requires a JTAG adapter that connects to the target device's JTAG interface and communicates with the programming software on a computer via USB. The adapter serves as a bridge to enable firmware programming, debugging, and testing of the target device using the JTAG protocol over USB.



Posted : 08/07/2023 9:50 am
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No, it is not possible to program the DueProLogic EPT-4CE6-AF in JTAG mode using just a USB.


Posted : 24/07/2023 6:09 am
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For temporary test projects without overriding the flash of the board, you can use methods like in-circuit reconfiguration (ICR) or partial reconfiguration (PR) if your FPGA supports them.


Posted : 24/07/2023 7:15 am
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Active Serial programming is often slower because it involves writing to the flash memory, which takes more time.

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@celinedion If you're looking for a faster way to test your FPGA projects without overriding the flash memory, you might want to explore using the FPGA's internal RAM for temporary configurations. Many FPGAs allow you to load a configuration into the internal RAM, which will only be active until the next power cycle. This is commonly used for quick testing and prototyping without writing to the flash memory. Check the documentation of your FPGA and development tools to see if this option is available.

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Posted : 27/08/2023 6:07 pm
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Connect your DueProLogic EPT-4CE6-AF kit to your computer via USB using the USB-JTAG adapter.

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