I2C information




Connect the EPT 201X-DB-U2 to the Ardunio Uno. Connect the mini type B USB cable from the EPT 201X-DB-U2 to the PC. Connect the type b USB cable from Arduino to PC. Download, Install, and Double click on the HyperSerialPort Icon on your PC.

Click on the Communications->I2C menu item. If you have connected the EPT 201X-DB board correctly and the driver loaded correctly,the Dropdown box will show a list of available devices. Locate the EPT 201X-DB board and click on Select I2C Slave Device. If no errors, the label will indicate success.

Select the speed of the I2C bus. In the Address box, type in the hex value for the address. You can optionally select the number of control registers and addresses for each register. Also, you can select a response to each register. This is useful if you would like to have the EPT 201X-DB I2C Slave board send an automated response to selecting an I2C register.

Click the “GO” button. Select an I2C Sensor sketch from the library of I2C sketches in the Arduino application software. If the I2C Slave is set up correctly, the communication traffic will appear in the HyperSerialPort Terminal Window.

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