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DSO 100M Development System

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DSO 100M Hardware Overview DSO 100M Hardware Overview DSO 100M Hardware Overview

The DSO 100M is a Complete Open
Source Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Development System. It Includes
Four Channels of Analog Input With
a Dedicated 80 MHz Sampling Rate
per Channel

The Earth People Technology DSO 100M development
system is a fully functional USB Digital Storage
Oscilloscope. It was designed to be open, flexible and
easy to modify. This Open Source Development System
allows the user to understand the basics of the typical
DSO. All source code along with compiled projects are
made available. The user can modify the Verilog code
in the FPGA as well as the C# project known as the

DSO 100M Hardware Overview
DSO 100M Hardware Overview

The DSO 100M includes all the hardware necessary
to understand the modern Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
Each section of the hardware has been meticulously
designed to ensure consistent operation with the
PC application. Block Diagram below

EPT-4CE6-DO-U2 Block Diagram

Hardware Features:

  • Four Separate 80MHz 8 bit ADCs with dedicated bus into FPGA
  • Intel/Altera EP4CE6E22 FPGA with 6,272 Logic Cells
  • 100MHz and 66 MHz Oscillators
  • FTDI FT2232H High Speed USB to Serial Chip
  • Four Impedance Matched BNC connectors for Common Oscilloscope Probes
  • Each channel analog front end uses OPA1602 35MHz Ultra Low Distortion Op-Amps
  • Each Channel includes a bias amp and gain amp with digital selectable gain
The DSO 100M analog front end has been meticulously
designed and tested to provide a noise and distortion
free analog path to the ADC. To ensure the distortion
free signal, a bias amplifier is included using an
OPA1602 Op-Amp along with digital selectable gain
using a AD5263 Digital Potentiometer. Each BNC connector
is 50 Ohm impedance matched on the PCB. A precision
+/- 5V DC-DC brick power supply is used to keep the
power matched used in powering the Op-Amps and Digital

Kit Contents:

  • One DSO 100M Board
  • Two P100 Oscilloscope Probes
  • One DVD with user manual, data sheet, schematics, projects and source code

DVD Contents:

  • Beginners FPGA Development User Manual, includes step by step guide to building your first programmable logic project
  • All source files for the C# UnoProLyzer Project
  • Complete description of the Verilog Code and the Transfer Communications software
  • Data sheet describing the DSO 100M board
  • Complete Schematics for the entire board in pdf format

Verilog Code Description:

The FPGA project is written in Verilog code. The
code uses EndTerms to allow a flexible communications
between the PC application and the FPGA. All
communications go through the UC_Controller block.
This module interfaces to a memory block and a control
register block. When the PC application needs to perform
an action, it will write the data to the memory block.
Then, it will write an action bit to one of the control
registers. The control registers are monitored in the
Top Level code to initiate the action.

EPT Quartus Project

There are three main components that comprise the
communication part of the FPGA code base. There are
also several sub-processes that are required for the
proper operation of the entire DSO 100M. The communication
  • Host Interface Component
  • ADC Sample Storage Component
  • Data Transmit Component

These components depend on the Active Transfer Library
(and conversely on the Active Host dll) to communicate,
initiate functions, start ADC sampling and transmit data.

All source files, compiled projects, testbenches, test
models are included on the EPT Project DVD. Locate the
Projects_HDL folder on the DVD for the project.

The following components make up the FPGA Code Base:

EPT Quartus Project

The entire FPGA project has been simulated and
includes and advanced testbench. The user manual
includes an extensive description of the Verilog Modules
and the interconnection between them. The testbenches
and models have been written without any vendor specific
IP, so the user can easily set up the free Modelsim from
Intel/Altera and get simulating quickly.

EPT Quartus Project

Software Description:

The DSO 100M utilizes the UnoProLyzer application
to control and display the oscilloscope results on a
Windows PC. The UnoProLyzer is a C# Windows application.
This means it is an event driven application. Any event
such as a button press or timer expiring will initiate
a function in the application. The application communicates
with the FPGA Code via EndTerms. It sets up the buttons,
timers and display in the Window. The applications waits
in idle for the user to initiate an event, or an automatic
event initiation.

User events are as follows:

  • Load the application
  • Connect to the DSO 100M board
  • Select channels to display
  • Start the oscilloscope
  • Select channel to process
  • Horizontal Zoom on selected channel
  • Vertical dynamic range selection
  • Horizontal Timebase selection
  • Triggering
  • Cursor Measurement

Automatic Events are:

  • Countdown Timer Expiration
  • ADC storage data callback

EPT Quartus Project

Software Flow Diagram:

The software flow diagram below shows some of the
complexity of the UnoProLyzer. Each path starts off
with an event, either user or automatic. The user will
select channels to display, set the Horizontal Timebase
to use by the ADC’s, set the Vertical Dynamic Range to
display of each channel, then start the display of the
analog signals acquired by each ADC.

EPT Quartus Project

DSO Programming:

EPT Quartus Project

The DSO is easily programmed from the Quartus Lite
Software. Just plug a Micro B USB cable from an open
Port on the PC to the Connector on the DSO 100M and
load the drivers. A proprietary *.dll from EPT allows
the DSO 100M Configuration Flash to be programmed
directly from Quartus.

EPT Quartus Project


85-000100 DSO 100M Development System User Manual EPT_DSO_100M_DEV_SYS_UM.pdf
95-000100 DSO 100M Development System Data Sheet EPT_DSO_100M_DEV_SYS_DS.pdf
45-000100 DSO 100M Development System Project DVD DSO_100M_DEV_SYS_PROJECT_2.8_DVD
55-000100 DSO 100M Development System Schematics EPT_4CE6_DO_U2_SCHEMATIC_V4.PDF
35-000001 EPT Drivers EPT_2.08.24.ZIP


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