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New BeeProLogic CPLD Development Board Now Available

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<p><img class="aligncenter size-full=" src="" alt="BeeProLogic CPLD Development System" width="618" height="415" /></p>

The BeeProLogic is an Easy To Use
Beginners CPLD Development Board.

The BeeProLogic is a CPLD development board that is designed to be
user friendly and a great introduction into digital design for Electrical
Engineering students and hobbyists. This board provides a simplified method
for debugging programmable logic code. It has been designed with plenty of
LEDs and Pushbuttons to allow a large amount of interaction between user and
hardware operations.


BeeProLogic Callouts.jpg

The Earth People Technology BeeProLogic CPLD development system hardware
consists of a a CPLD, 8Mb Flash and a single channel DAC. The board requires
an external JTAG Programmer compatible with the JTAG Blaster. The Core of the
board is the MAX V chip. The board can be powered by standard USB Micro B connector.
There is a 10MHz oscillator attached to the MAX V chip for clocking user code.
The board also includes 10 Green User LEDS, Seven User Pushbuttons and One external
connector with six pins for GPIO.</td>

Hardware Features:

  • MAX V 5M240ZT100 CPLD From Intel/ 240 Logic Elements
  • 8 Mbit Flash Chip
  • 8 bit Single Channel DAC
  • 5 Inputs/Outputs available at 8x1 connector on board
  • 11 Green User configurable LEDs
  • 8 User Configurable Pushbutton Switch
  • Power: Standard USB (+5V @ 2Amp) Using Micro-B connector
  • 10MHz Oscillator
  • Standard Programming Connector fits any JTAG Blaster

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