BLE Development Kit

JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic
Odin-Link BLE Plus MaxProLogic Development Kit

The Odin-Link BLE Plus MaxProLogic Development System

Provides the Easiest Way to Add BLE to any DIY Project.

The Odin-Link plus MaxProLogic is the simplest BLE development kit on the market. The Android phone app, included with the kit, is completely self contained, there is no programming or third party provider access. Just load the “JoyStick.apk” onto your Android phone and start sending commands to the Odin-Link. Most BLE development kits require a third party provider to build a custom Phone app. Because of this, the user must build the phone app, compile the phone app, then load it onto an Android Phone.

Kit Contents

The kit is ready to use out of the box. You will need a USB Micro B cable.
  • Odin-Link BLE Board — Programmed and ready for use
  • MaxProLogic FPGA Board — Programmed with Demo LED Blinky
  • JoyStick Android App — APK is ready for deployment on your phone
  • Project DVD which contains:
    • User Manual for the Odin Link Plus MaxProLogic
    • BLE Demo LED Blinky project
    • Source Code for Blinky project
    • Full Simulation for Blinky project
    • Data Sheets for Odin-Link and MaxProLogic
    • Verilog Getting Started Guide
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic

The JoyStick app is only available for the Android phone. It provides a simple interface to send commands to the Odin-Link board. There are switches to turn lights on and off, buttons to send single commands and a text communication path. Users can build a wide array of DIY projects including remote lamp controller, BLE controlled robot and remote weather station.
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic

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Odin-Link BLE Board

The Odin-Link BLE board comes pre-programmed with all the profiles required for the JoyStick app to run on an Android phone. No programming is needed for the board. The use of a third party phone app provider to produce a custom app requires programming of the BLE profiles into the BLE chip. This forces the users into writing code, debugging code and programming the BLE chip. The Odin-Link BLE Board development kit eliminates this extra work. It’s virtually plug and play.
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic

The Odin-Link BLE board includes a v4.2 BLE chip along with a 2.4GHz antenna and matching network. Texas Instruments provides the CC2640 BLE chip. EPT provided the antenna tuning for maximum RF range. The Odin-Link BLE board plugs directly into the J5 connector of the MaxProLogic. All power and communication happen through through this connector. It communicates with the FPGA over a UART serial link. EPT has created a proprietary Verilog interface that runs in the FPGA and allows full bidirectional communication with the Android phone, via the CC2640 v4.2 chip.

MaxProLogic FPGA Board

The MaxProLogic is an FPGA board with the Intel/Altera MAX10 at its heart. The MaxProLogic is an integral piece of the Odin-Link BLE Plus MaxProLogic development kit. It is a standalone FPGA board that is powered by an external source. The onboard switching power supply provides a stable power source for the Odin-Link BLE board. It has a 50MHz ultra low jitter oscillator to
provide an array of different clock sources in the FPGA. The Odin-Link BLE plugs directly into the J5 socket of the MaxProLogic. The serial UART signals are connected directly from the CC2640 to the pins on the MAX10 FPGA.
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic

The JoyStick Android App takes inputs from the user and generates BLE packets. These BLE packets are transmitted from the Android phone and received by the Odin-Link BLE board. The Odin-Link BLE board decodes the packets and produces ASCII generated commands that are transmitted over the serial UART signals to the MAX10 FPGA.
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic

EPT has created a Verilog library that runs in the MAX10 FPGA to convert the serial ASCII commands into usable signals. The user will interface their code to the library using an easy SDK from EPT. This makes creating advanced projects quick and easy. Just include the library when synthesizing the FPGA project.
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic

The Verilog library will parse out each command and send it to the appropriate block interface. There are three block interfaces, buttons, switches and text. There is a demo BLE LED Blinky project included in the DVD. This project allows the user to individually turn on and off the LEDs of the MaxProLogic board. The demo will also allow the user to blink the LEDs in a Blinky Show. The demo project has all the source code, fully compiled project, programming files, and full simulation.
JoyStick Phone app communicating with Odin-Link + MaxProLogic






105-000001 Odin-Link + MaxProLogic Development User Manual ODINLINK_MAXPRO_DEV_SYS_UM.pdf
115-000001 Odin-Link + MaxProLogic DataSheet ODINLINK_MAXPRO_DS.pdf
125-000001 Odin-Link + MaxProLogic Schematics MAXPROLOGIC_SCHEMATIC.PDF
135-000001 Odin-Link + MaxProLogic Project DVD
35-000001 EPT Drivers EPT_2.12.00.exe
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