USB SPI Slave Breakout Board

USB SPI Slave Breakout Board

Transfer SPI data directly to the PC

The USB SPI Slave Breakout Board provides a simple interface for bi-directional communication with the PC from any MCU (including the Arduino family). It is designed to connect directly to the standard bread board with a reduced footprint. Once connected to an MCU, the MCU Master SPI bus connects to the FT220X chip. This chip connects the SPI bus to the USB bus. The PC communicates with the USB SPI Slave Breakout Board as COM Port. This allows any simple Terminal Window software (such as TeraTerm) to communicate directly with the MCU.

Earth People provides sample software so the user can use the Arduino functions to send data to be graphed on the PC.

Slave SPI Connections Overview

Hardware Features:

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • Independent USB to SPI Slave Bus Running 12MHz Max Clock Speed
  • Board is used as COM Port on the PC
  • USB Powered
  • Provides external +3.3volts @ 50mA
  • FT220X FTDI chip has on chip 512 byte Receive and Transmit Buffers
  • Compatible with any external +5/3.3 Volt MCU (Including all Arduinos)


The USB SPI Slave Breakout Board consists of the FT220X chip
from FTDI. This single chip solution connects the Slave SPI bus
directly to USB. The board includes a USB Micro B connector and
two 1x8 0.1 inch headers. The board is powered from the USB port
of the PC. It provides +3.3V regulated output to power up user MCU’s
or any other power need. Current from the +3.3V regulated output is
50mA. No external power is needed for the USB SPI Slave Breakout Board.

Slave SPI Connections Overview

High Speed Data Display

The USB SPI Slave Breakout Board comes with example software
that displays data from the External MCU (Such as the Arduino Mini
Pro). The user can display multiple channels of data analog, temperature
sensor or digitally generated data.

EPT Serial Graph Tool 1

EPT Serial Graph Tool 2

SPI Slave to Arduino Mini Pro


85-000040 USB SPI Slave Breakout Board User Manual USB_SPI_SLAVE_BREAKOUT_BOARD_UM.pdf
95-000040 USB SPI Slave Breakout Board DataSheet USB_SPI_SLAVE_BREAKOUT_BOARDL_DS.pdf
45-000040 USB SPI Slave Breakout Board Projects DVD USB_SLAVE_SPI_BREAKOUT_PROJECT_3.0_DVD.ZIP
55-000040 USB SPI Slave Breakout Board Schematics USB_SPI_SLAVE_BREAKOUT_SCHEMATICS.PDF
35-000001 EPT Drivers EPT_2.12.00.exe


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