USB Micro B Cable

EPT-218-UC-R2 USB Micro Type B cable


USB 2.0 A Male to Micro-B Male 28/24 AWG High-Speed Shielded Data & Charging Cable 

High Performance USB 2.0 Micro B Cable

The EPT-218-UC-R2 USB cable provides connection between the USB port on a PC and the EPT USB boards. It is USB 2.0 compliant and capable of transferring data at 480 Mbits/sec. The cable is three feet in length and includes a Type Male connector for the PC and a Micro Type B connector for the Device.


  • Top/premium quality, flexible & durable. 
  • Outstanding micro-USB retention, snug fit/no wiggle (unlike others on eBay that have been compared).
  • Molded connector hood for strain relief.
  • This standard uUSB micro-USB works with many cell phones and small electronic devices - Droid, HTC and many others.
  • 2A+ charging.
  • 5 pin
  • Black
  • Cable 122cm AWM 2725 braid & foil shield, drain wire, 28AWG/1P 24AWG/2C, 4.6m diameter
  • RoHS & Lead-Free
  • Twist tied in PE bag
  •  ~45g (1.6oz)


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