MPU-6050 Breakout Board


MPU-6050 Breakout Board


The mpu6050 sensor platform allows you to use your MPU6050 Accelerometer/Gyroscope
sensors with any MCU including the Arduino platform. It is compatible
with the +5V Arduino’s and can also connect to +3.3V boards. Just wire the
EPT-M6050-BD-S8 into the Arduino and load the code. The I²C Bus is required
to be set up in your configuration for this sensor to work.

The MPU-6000™ family provides the world's first integrated 6-axis MotionProcessing™
solution that eliminates the package-level gyro/accel cross-axis misalignment associated with
discrete solutions. The devices combine a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer
on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ capable
of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms. The parts' integrated 9-axis MotionFusion
algorithms access external magnetometers or other sensors through an auxiliary master I2C bus,
allowing the devices to gather a full set of sensor data without intervention from the system processor.
The devices are offered in the same 4x4x0.9 mm QFN footprint and pinout as the current MPU-3000™
family of integrated 3-axis gyroscopes, providing a simple upgrade path and making it easy to fit on
space constrained boards.


MPU-6050 Arduino Pro Mini Overview

Hardware Features:

  • Three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer
  • Chip built-in 16bit ADC converter, 16-bit data output
  • Gyroscope Range: +/-250, +/-500, +/-1000, +/-2000 °/s
  • Acceleration Range: +/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g, +/-16g
  • Compatible with +3.3V or +5V Arduinos
Coding the Arduino to measure movement using the MPU-6050 is
made quite easy using the "Wire" library. All functions required to
communicate with the sensor are included in the library. This
board can be set up and displaying movement in only a few minutes.
See the MPU-6050 Gyro and Accelerometer Sensor Breakout Board Project DVD below
for an Arduino sketch that is complete and ready to take measurements.


85-000010 MPU-6050 Accelerometer and Gyro Breakout Board User Manual MPU6050_BREAKOUT_UM.pdf
95-000010 MPU-6050 Accelerometer and Gyro Breakout Board Data Sheet MPU6050_BREAKOUT_DS.pdf
45-000010 MPU-6050 Accelerometer and Gyro Breakout Board Project DVD MPU6050_BREAKOUT_PROJECT_DVD
55-000010 MPU-6050 Accelerometer and Gyro Breakout Board Schematics EPT_M6050_BD_S8_V1.pdf


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