EPT-220X-DB-M4 SPI Slave Communications Board for Arduino 2560 Mega

EPT-220X-DB-M4 and SPI Slave Communications Board

The EPT-220X-DB-M4 is designed to support the Uno board of the Arduino Open source Prototyping Platform. The Mega can communicate as an SPI Master to an SPI Slave device. The EPT-220X-DB-M4 is a USB to Slave SPI device. This will allows users to communicate from the Arduino Mega board to the PC over SPI. Use the Active Host API to quickly and easily create a simulated SPI sensor on the PC. Use the simulated SPI Sensor to debug your Arduino SPI Master communication code.


The EPT-220X-DB-M4 SPI Slave Communications Board can communicate directly with Hyper Serial Port to provide a serial terminal for debugging the Arduino SPI Master communications. You can easily create your own SPI communications and debug it using the EPT-220X-DB-M4.

SPI Sensor Simulator

The EPT-220X-DB-M4 Requires the use of a USB Mini Type B cable. EPT recommends the EPT-USB-AM-MB cable.


  • Uses FTDI 220X IC Chip
  • USB to Slave SPI Interface
  • Data transfer rates to 500 Kbytes/sec
  • +5V I/O compatible
  • Supported by Active Host API



85-000005 MEGA SPI Slave to USB User Manual MEGA_SPI_USB_UM.pdf
95-000005 MEGA SPI Slave to USB Data Sheet MEGA_SPI_USB_DS.pdf
35-000001 EPT Drivers EPT_2.08.24.ZIP


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