LED RGB Breakout Board


LED RGB Breakout Board

LED RGB Breakout Board

SML-LX0404 LED RGB Breakout Board

The LED RGB Breakout Board provides a simple interface to control four LED RGBs for
a total of 12 LEDs from any MCU (including the Arduino family). It is designed to
connect directly to the standard bread board with a reduced footprint. Once connected
to an MCU, the MCU can provide a sink for each LED.

LED RGB Overview

Hardware Features:

  • Stand Alone Bread Board Compatible
  • Four Independently controlled LED RGBs
  • Designed for +3.3V Control, Each LED has a pre-selected Current Resistor
  • Each LED is sink controlled from any MCU including Arduinos
  • Each LED connected to SMT pin on bottom of Board

Slave SPI Connections Overview


The LED RGB Breakout Board consists of four Lumex SML-LX0404SIUP LED chips.
The SML-LX0404 chip is a current sink and can be connected to any MCU.
The anode should be connected to +3.3V. The reason for this is the Series resistors
are calculated for current limiting based on +3.3V. Changing the anode
voltage to another source will change the brightness emitting from each LED. Because
the SML-LX0404 chips are current sink, the user can connect to either +5V or +3.3V
Arduino (or other MCUs) and control each LED.

Slave SPI Connections Overview

LED Electrical Specifications

Each LED current limiting resistor is calculated to provide 5mA in each
of the Red, Green and Blue LEDs. So, the current for each leg:

Parameter Red LED Green LED Blue LED Units
Peak Wavelength 632 518 564 nm
Forward Voltage 1.75 2.75 2.60 Volts
Leg Current 5 5 5 mA
Resistor 310 110 140 Ohms
Axial Intensity 30 40 20 mcd

Earth People provides sample software so the user can use the Arduino functions
to control the LED RGBs. The user can control all aspects of each LEDs on/off time.
Adding pulse width controlled signals to the LEDs
allows a wide variety of colors to be displayed by the LED RGBs.

LED RGB Connections Overview

Easily Control four LED RGBs from an Arduino

The LED RGB Breakout Board comes with example software that blinks
individual LEDs from the External MCU (Such as the Arduino Mini Pro). The user
can display multiple colors using each LED RGB. The MCU will provide pulse width
modulated control for each LED. Changing the duty cycle of each LED changes the
overall color of the LED RGB.

EPT Serial Graph Tool 1

EPT Serial Graph Tool 2


85-000040 LED RGB Breakout Board User Manual LED_RGB_BREAK_OUT_UM_V2.pdf
95-000040 LED RGB Breakout Board DataSheet LED_RGB_BREAKOUT_BOARD_DS_V3.pdf
45-000040 LED RGB Breakout Board Projects DVD LED_RGB_BREAKOUT_PROJECT_1.0_DVD.ZIP
55-000040 LED RGB Breakout Board Schematics LEDRGBV1.3_Schemtic.pdf


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