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Author Topic: Earth People Technology Announces a 100MHz DSO
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Post Earth People Technology Announces a 100MHz DSO
on: April 26, 2016, 15:34

Earth People Technology has created a 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope. This a four channel input PCBA with +/- 40 Volt input and the ability to accept off the shelf Oscilloscope probes. It interfaces the signals to be measured to the on board 4 Channel ADC. The board uses four standard sized BNC connectors that allow you to install most off the shelf oscilloscope probes. The Oscilloscope Interface Board also allows advanced triggering techniques. It does this by including a 4 to 1 multiplexor which is used to select one of the input channels to apply to the analog comparator. A Cyclone IV FPGA is used to provide the ADC capture and digital storage memory.

Check out the first draft of the hardware description manual for this board here. EPT DSO System Description.pdf

All of the source, simulator models and test bench code is written. We just finished fixing all the bugs so the code will simulate correctly. See the link above for a description of the simulated code. Next up, we need to create a Quartus project, pinout, and pre-synthesis compile. This will take a couple of days. Then, we will run the whole project through synthesis and fitting for the FPGA. Next, we program the *.pof file into the board flash and start debugging hardware. This process will take about week. Once the code runs on the hardware, we will need to fix the bugs in the PC application. This process could take up to two weeks. Once the debugging is complete, we will make modifications to the schematic and layout. Then get these boards produced. This process will take about four weeks. Next, we build up some samples and go through board bring up and programming. If everything is working ok, we can go to production with these boards. Then, we will assemble boards and ship. This process could take up to four weeks. So, we are looking at around three months before we can ship these boards. The reason the schedule has shifted for the Oscilloscope Int Board is something called "feature creep".

We are engineers at Earth People Technology, and we always look at product development and attempt to do things the "right way". In the case of the Oscilloscope Int board, we determined that we had to move to a larger programmable device than what was available on the UnoProLogic2. This means we used an FPGA. Because of the extra capacity and the ability of this device to run at higher clock speeds, we determined that we should use a faster ADC and include it on the Oscilloscope Int Board. So, all of the functionality has ended up on the this board. It is a stand alone board with four channel, 80MHz sampler and PGA. Because we need to store several things locally in the FPGA memory, it was determined that we should create a memory multiplexor in the FPGA. This multiplexor demands that we create a partial MCU to handle memory map, bus access, SPI, I2C bus and Host Interface. All of this code takes a lot of time to create, test, simulate and debug. So, here we are at this point. The board design was complete back in Dec 2015 and fabricated and assembled in Jan 2016. We finally have a code base and are ready to go to silicon and test and debug.

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