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Dusty greets me at the door of my home, dressed in a finely tailored masculine suit, with good news regarding tonight's location for the club. She’s secured a full staff and made assignments. A case of my favorite champagne arrived and she has a bottle chilling and ready to pour as we look over the RSVP list. Dusty and I have a long established tradition to share a glass or two of champagne on the nights the club is open to get us in the mood for the evening's events. Two birthday celebrations will take place and one is especially intriguing—a married, older woman named Veronica, who was one of my first members, is bringing the daughter of her latest husband for her 18th birthday.

“I can see your wicked wheels turning, Cherish,” Malacca girl teases, anticipating sex work details. She's one of the few people who call me by my full first name, and loves me for my madness. “What do you have in mind?”

“Something wonderful and perfect for a young woman's first time at the club. What is Veronica's step-daughter's name?”

“Allison. I checked her I.D. and everything's cool. Her birthday was on Wednesday and Veronica wanted to book that nightin Malacca originally before changing her mind.”

“Why did she change dates?”

Dusty adds a bit more champagne to my glass. “It was a school night and apparently Allison doesn't graduate high school for another two weeks. So, she moved the party to Friday.”

“Veronica put responsibility over playtime? She's usually so carefree, not at all conflicted when bending the rules.” I remember fondly the decadent parties I've thrown for Veronica in the past. “She obviously has special feelings for this one. We need to make it perfect. What girls are performing tonight?”

Dusty checks the staff list, “Eternity, Nixie, Delilah, Remy, Kristin, and Harlow from Malaysia.” 

“Take Harlow off the list,” I insist.

“Is she sick?”

“No. I'm taking her off availability for a while.”

This news isn't a surprise for Dusty, just delayed. “Finally, you’ve made a decision! I was getting nervous not knowing which one you were going to pick. You drew this out much longer than usual. I figured with all the auditioning of new talent you've been doing you lost track of time.”

“Have I ever lost track of anything?”

Dusty bites her tongue—there's a speech lying dormant inside her waiting to be said. I look at her curiously. 

“What did you think I was going to do?”

“I was starting to think you wouldn't pick either one,” Dusty admits.

With a sigh, I show my cards, “It was a difficult decision. As a pair, they go so well together, but having two live-ins is too much. I simply don't have the time.”

Dusty nods, understanding the situation. “Exactly. If it was my choice, I...I don't think I could make one. I would suffer with double duty.” 

I roll my eyes at her humor saying, “You don't have to stress any longer. I came to my senses. Get back to focusing on tonight.”

Dusty contemplates offering another opinion, and gives it. “She’s different than the past few.”

“Harlow? In what way?”

“She seems sincere.”

I've always loved Dusty's honesty—she has no need to mindlessly toy with me, knowing direct is best. My straight-forward business practices suit her, and I take good care of her because she is so loyal to me and the club. I affectionately smooth out a ruffled patch of Dusty’s very short black hair. “She does have a rare innocence.”

“And she's gorgeous.”

“You noticed?” I give a sarcastic smile to Dusty. You’d have to be bordering total insanity to not notice Harlow’s perfection.

“Please, don’t I always?”

The mere thought of Harlow's profound physical attributes makes me swoon, but I stay professional. “She will be at the club tonight, but off limits, for the most part.”

“Fine. Should I keep her on the schedule for aerial?” 

“For tonight, yes, and book Eternity for Allison.” 

“Veronica hasn't requested arrangements.”

“Dusty, you're not questioning me, are you?”

Dusty loves the naughtiness brewing. “Never. I'll handle it. The pink lounge is available from 10 pm to 11:30 and I'll move dance sets so that Eternity is available.”

“Perfect. Set it up for them, please.” Having other things on my mind, like what is waiting for me in the master suite, I excuse myself from the organizing.

My two latest live-in girls, Kristin and Harlow, sleep naked in my bed. It's silent, and I remove my heels, not wanting to wake them. They've been living with me for three weeks now and as Dusty implied, that's far longer than I normally let girls stay. Others that I've invited stayed less than eight days, which is about as long as I like to keep a private party going. I've known after one night whether my live-in choices are best suited for the club only or have dual purposes. My home is an extension of my business. Regardless of having six bedrooms, the only other permanent resident besides me is Dusty, and the housekeeper who lives in a separate guest suite. However, I love having pets, and that's what my live-in choices are—pretty things for me to touch and play with. Inviting special new hires to live at my home for undefined periods gives me the opportunity to explore the possibilities of a domestic position. My pet choices are spoiled with their own rooms, expensive wardrobes so I can dress them up when I want, spa treatments, and access to my bed. A paid vacation from the normal routine is what it's like for them, and for me it's a survival mechanism. Having live-ins keeps me sane, for a time, until I opt to change the scenery.

At auditions, only I am serviced. In my home as a live-in, there's a chance I might want to give service back. Getting my full attention means you've caught my interest on a higher level. It can also mean a domestic position might be extended and during that time, availability to the club members is restricted. The members respect this rule, understanding another woman's needs, without judgment or demands to have for themselves. In many ways my unavailable girls are the wild teases on display at the club—look but don't touch—as they belong to the owner for now. My choices are admired, and members wait patiently for the date when they come available. Live-ins are expected to give their dedication, without any ties, commitments, or promised outcome, while under my roof. So far, none have met my own personal criteria for the long term, which is why Dusty was surprised with my choice of Harlow. I did come close to releasing them both—Kristin is a darling young woman and I adore how she entertains me, and Harlow has a unique quality that can't be put into words. Having them lay on either side of me as I sleep is a slice of absolute heaven, yet with a negative effect of making me quite lazy. It was one or the other or neither, as the tempting threesome had to end or else my business would suffer. 

Tonight is bittersweet, the last time with both girls in my bed. In the morning, Kristin will be dismissed and Harlow will be the only live-in until I say further. For now, they are like two blonde star-kissed angels draped in silky sheets, leaving room for me to slide in between them, as I've done for the past twenty-one days, in hopes of the three of us making love. Together they undo my robe and fondle my breasts, having never been allowed to go past this point before, and the three of us kiss fully. I let Kristin wrap her mouth on my nipples and nurse while Harlow kisses my neck. I drift into bliss, where nothing else exists but this horny ménage-a-trois. Stimulating their precious clits with my fingers, I dip inside their wet little holes, moving in and out, making them both moan with heightened desire. This is what they've been waiting for, and Kristin quite aggressively lifts her leg to mount my face. I take my hands back and look at their panting faces.

“I want to watch you two play first,” I tell them, leaving the bed for the chaise, where I can voyeur in on the lusty scene. I'm not giving in that easy—the naughtiness of their act is heightened by witnessing, not partaking, for me. There are women who pay top dollar for this level of closeness, and I take nothing for granted. These two are at my command. “Show me.”

Harlow obeys as she straddles Kristin, “Only for a few minutes, though, and then you need to let us have you.” Kristin rubs Harlow's sweet juices on her sculpted belly before stating, “I want you first, Cherry.”

“Show me what you want to do to her, to me, Kristin.” They quickly get to fulfilling my fantasy. Now that my wants are exposed, I can relax, robe dangling from my shoulders while I play with my sensitive parts. Last night I listened from my bed as they made love to each other for the first time, surrounded by lit candles and lavender flower petals floating in a bubbly tub. Their orgasmic sighs echoed in my thoughts all day and all I could think of was coming home to see it for myself, even while being sucked upon by Winterlynn. Although I invited Harlow and Kristin into my bed weeks ago, not once have I let them have sex with each other or with me, until yesterday. They've tried their best to get me in a compromised position, but the goal wasn’t achieved. Tonight I still have the mouth of another lingering on my thighs, and I'm not ready for a second dose, but I am all about being visually stimulated to the fullest.

Kristin takes hold of Harlow's sumptuous thighs, bringing her golden patch to her mouth. Harlow spreads across her chin, giving Kristin little clit lashings, waiting for her teasing tongue to flicker. Delicate pink on pink swelling as Harlow is devoured by Kristin's oral presentation.

I run my fingers in tickling circles over my body, breath matching that of Harlow's as she rotates her hips in a rhythmic pattern with Kristin's deep tonguing. She is glorious to watch, losing herself to the throes of an orgasm, looking right into my eyes from across the room. “I want you,” she cries out to me and I nearly take her, wanting to taste her dripping snatch, but I stay back. “Come for me, baby. Let her make you. I want to see how pretty you are when you come.”

“Please, touch me, Cherry,” Harlow pleads with me, and I smile, continuing to breathe with her quickened pace, hips rotating faster and faster, juice pouring down Kristin's neck.“Baby, do it for me. I'm coming with you,” I say, feeling my own rush of wild sensations escalating, blowing up as she does. She and I wail as our pussies clench, squirting out female ejaculations, unable to speak a word. Kristin is covered in Harlow's explosion, and my pussy pours down my legs, tainting the expensive French threads on the chaise. I need to see more. 

“Lick your sweetness off of her.” 

And Harlow does, as my pussy still comes. The naughty girls roll around on the bed, mouth on mouth. Harlow cleans Kristin's face and neck of herself, and prepares to reciprocate, opening Kristin's legs, descending into her tightness. I can take no more of masturbating from the sidelines, and decide to join in.

Like a hungry wolf on fresh meat, Harlow attacks Kristin's hole, making room for me to bring my tongue onto it, too. Since this is my last night with Kristin, I take advantage of the offering, and place my cheek against Harlow's, sharing the luscious, creamy mound. Kristin grabs our hair, wanting more of our deep worshiping, thrusting her hips into our faces. My tongue laps her in unison with Harlow's, wanting to feel her shudder under our command. I knew Harlow had the trappings of a fantastic lover, but I didn't imagine her to be this aggressive, having taken a passive intimate stance with me. Live-ins are usually more sexually intense as they try to seduce me with the power of their persuasion, but not Harlow. 

Here, making Kristin's pussy jolt and writhe, Harlow is a lovemaking goddess, willingly giving more than she took. I assist, pushing two, then three fingers into a never-penetrated-by-maleness cunt, sensing her special spot. I pay close attention to it, loving Kristin's response to my hand job mixed with Harlow's relentless tonguing. Kristin's back arches as she screams, peaking hard, frozen for a few ecstatic heartbeats before dropping back onto the bed. Harlow kisses me against Kristin's pussy, sipping up what she released, and then feeding it to me with her mouth. We dine on the jiz of our mutual lover till Kristin beckons us to hold her. Mine being the only hole not licked, I reserve it

for another night, possibly for one soon, alone with Harlow. We embrace Kristin, stroking her long locks and slender curves, relishing the experience and anticipating more.

I let them fall back asleep, curled up next to me. The sweetness of their dewy flesh wafts in the air, and I inhale it happily, joining them in a cozy, well-deserved nap before the evening really begins.

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