TMP102 Uno Docking Board

TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board


The TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board
Quickly and easily connects the TMP102 to
the Arduino Uno platform

The EPT-200TMP-TS-U2 is a temperature sensor mounted on a docking board.
The board is designed to fit onto the Arduino Uno platform. It is compatible
with the +5V Arduino’s and requires no external hook wires. Just plug the
EPT-200TMP-TS-U2 into the Arduino and load the code. The TMP102 temperature
sensor power and communications are provided by the docking board connectors
from the Arduino.


UnoProLogic2 Hardware Overview

The EPT-200TMP-TS-U2 is designed for applications that require a robust
connection between the sensor and the Arduino platform. These are applications
where a bread board and hook up wires could fail. Applications where the boards
are subject to vibrations such as robots or industrial environments. The
EPT-200TMP-TS-U2 sensor and docking board provides a tight coupling of the board
to the Arduino platform.

Hardware Features:

  • Uses the TMP102 Sensor from Texas Instruments
  • Robust connection with Arduino Platform
  • 12-bit, 0.0625°C resolution
  • Typical temperature accuracy of ±2.0°C
  • +3.3V sensor
  • Compatible with +3.3V or +5V Arduinos
  • Arduino Stackable Headers allows shield stacking
This docking board is based on the TMP102 Temperature Sensor chip
from Texas Instruments. It can measure the ambient temperature between
-25℃ to +85℃. The temperature is measured with an accuracy of ± 2.0℃
across the temperature range. The TMP102 is capable of reading temperatures
to a resolution of 0.0625°C

The docking board provides a robust method (also convenient for connections)
to connect the TMP102 to an array of Arduino boards. It is compatible
with both +3.3V and +5V Arduinos. There is a power indicator Green LED,
and a user Green LED. It has stackable Headers that allow the board to
plug into an Arduino and allow other boards to stack on top of it.

EPT-200TMP-TS-U2 with Arduino

Coding the Arduino to measure the temperature from the TMP102 is
made quite easy using the “Wire” library. All functions required to
communicate with the sensor are included in the library. This docking
board can be set up and displaying temperature in only a few minutes.
See the TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board Project DVD below
for an Arduino sketch that is complete and ready to take measurements.


85-000010 TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board User Manual TMP102_TEMP_DOCK_UM.pdf
95-000010 TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board Data Sheet TMP102_TEMP_DOCK_DS.pdf
45-000010 TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board Project DVD TMP102_TEMP_SENSOR_PROJECT_DVD
55-000010 TMP102 Temperature Sensor Docking Board Schematics EPT_200TMP_TS_U2_SCHEMATICS.PDF
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