MegaProLogic Development Board for Arduino 2560 Mega

MegaProLogic CPLD Development System

The MegaProLogic is an easy to use
CPLD development system.

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DSO 100M Hardware Overview DSO 100M Hardware Overview DSO 100M Hardware Overview
The MegaProLogic makes programmable logic easy with
an all inclusive development platform. It includes
an Altera 5M570 CPLD, JTAG programmer, and a 32 General
Purpose Inputs/Outputs. You can create your HDL code,
program it into the CPLD and interact with the hardware
via a Windows PC.

MegaProLogic Hardware Overview

EPT-5M57-AP-U2 Block Diagram

Hardware Features:

  • Intel/Altera 5M570 CPLD with 440 MacroCells
  • 66 MHz Oscillator
  • FTDI FT2232H High Speed USB data transfer
  • 32 User I/O’s with 3.3/5 Volts Selection
  • Four Green LED’s
  • Two PCB switches
The MegaProLogic DVD provides detailed step by step
instructions to quickly guide the user to create a
project. The entire Quartus Prime Lite software
is included on the DVD. This let’s you bypass the
lengthly download process involved in getting
the 3.6 GB file. Once the Quartus software is
on your desktop, we will show you how to create
a project, write you first LED blinky code,
compile and program the CPLD.
  • Beginners CPLD Development User Manual,
    includes step by step guide to
    building your first
    programmable logic project
  • Programming of CPLD from Quartus
    Prime Lite Software
  • High Speed Data Transfer from any
  • High Speed Clock Available
  • No USB Driver Programming

EPT Quartus Project

Programming the CPLD

The CPLD on the MegaProLogic can be programmed with
the code created by the user. Programming is quick
and easy. All that is required is a standard USB
cable with a Micro B connector and the Quartus Software
installed on the PC. There are no extra parts to buy –
just plug in the USB cable and connect the MegaProLogic to the PC

EPT Quartus Project

Connecting To Hobby Electronics Made Easy

The MegaProLogic easily connects to other Hobby Electronics.
The durable 74LVC82245 Bus Transceivers allow up to 50mA
per Output on the Stackable Headers. This kind of power
can drive all kinds of electronics such as long distance
cables, LEDs, and high speed electronics.

Programmable Logic Code Development

It also provides a high speed data transfer mechanism
between the MegaProLogic board and a host PC. The MegaProLogic
development system provides a convenient, user-friendly
work flow by connecting seamlessly with Altera’s Quartus Prime
Lite software. The user will develop the code in the Quartus
environment on a Windows Personal Computer. The programmable
logic code is loaded into the CPLD using only the Quartus Programmer
tool and a standard USB cable. The Active Host SDK provides
a highly configurable communications interface between
CPLD and host. It connects transparently with the Active
Transfer Library in the CPLD code. This Active Host/Active
Transfer combination eliminates the complexity of designing
a USB communication system. No scheduling USB transfers,
USB driver interface or inf file changes are needed.
The MegaProLogic development systemis a unique
combination of hardware and software.
Use the C# examples included in the DVD to create your
own display Window on the PC.The user comes complete with
tutorial to instruct the user to easily build a Windows
program that can display any data from user code or other
electronic device. The C# interface uses similar function
calls to the Arduino function calls.

Programming Features:

  • Use Active Host API to send/receive data
    to/from the CPLD
  • Create dynamic/interactive applications
    between the User Code and the Windows PC.

Kit Contents

MegaProLogic kit contains the MegaProLogic and a DVD which
includes the User Manual that walks the user through
setting up the drivers, software, and the
test application. There is also a full tutorial in
writing your first CPLD project and C# application.
All the code for the projects are included.


85-000040 MegaProLogic CPLD Development System User Manual MEGA_USB_CPLD_DEV_SYS_UM.pdf
95-000040 MegaProLogic CPLD Development System Data Sheet MEGA_USB_CPLD_DEV_SYS_DS.pdf
45-000040 MegaProLogic CPLD Development System Project DVD MEGAPROLOGIC_USB_CPLD_PROJECT_4.5_DVD
55-000040 MegaProLogic CPLD Development System Schematics MEGAPROLOGIC_SCHEMATICS.PDF
35-000001 EPT Drivers EPT_2.08.24.ZIP
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