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The VisiPort2 is a USB To Serial Breakout Board.  Based on the FT232R Chip, it’s designed to program Arduinos. Its small size allows it to fit into bread board applications where other programmers are too big and bulky.





The VisiPort2 programs the Mini Pro

It is designed to program Arduinos.

Its six pin female header connects easily to a Mini Pro with no bread board needed. It has one green LED that indicates power is applied to the FTDI chip. There are two amber LEDs to indicate when Tx and Rx are active.

VisiPort2 Connecting to Mini Pro 001

The VisiPort2 works with 5Volt and 3.3Volt Arduinos

Use the three pin jumper in the upper right corner to select I/O voltage of the VisiPort2. This selection allows compatibility with all Arduinos.

EPT_230_XM_S2 Video 5V-3p3V Selectionr

The VisiPort2 Uses a Micro USB Connector

The Micro USB connector is lower profile and allows cables to connect into the center of the VisiPort2. This keeps the overall size smaller than any other programmer.

EPT_230_XM_S2 Video MicroUSB Connector








What's the difference between VisiPort2 and other programmers?

  • We made the VisiPort2 as compact as physically possible
  • We used a Micro USB connector instead of the Mini USB
  • The VisiPort2 is compatible with 5V or 3.3V Arduinos
  • The VisiPort2 can power your board up to 280 mAs at 3.3V or 480 mAs at 5V
  • We gave the VisiPort2 jumper selectable DTR or RTS reset capability
  • We also gave the VisiPort2 a USB disconnect switch which allows you to turn off the serial port path to the PC and communicate over the serial port to any device with removing the USB cable.

The VisiPort is the perfect tool for debugging microcontrollers. Use it to download your compiled hex file to the flash (using the bootloader of the microcontroller). Use it to communicate with your code and provide debug information about the execution process.







Hardware Features:

  • FTDI FT232R USB To Serial Chip
  • User Selectable +3.3V and +5V Inputs/Outputs
  • Provides up to 450 mA of power for your Arduino
  • User Selectable RTS/DTR for programming Arduinos

Programming Features:

  • 100% Compatible with all versions of the Arduino Software
  • 100% Compatible with all Serial Monitors
  • Uses the latest FTDI Driver, Ver 2.12


85-000009 VisiPort2 User Manual VISIPORT2_UM.pdf
95-000009 VisiPort2 DataSheet VISIPORT2_DS.pdf
45-000009 VisiPort2 Project CD VISIPORT_PROJECT_CD.ZIP
55-000009 VisiPort2 Schematics VISIPORT2_SCHEMATICS.PDF
35-000001 CDM Drivers CDM_2.12.00.EXE


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